Payment methods

1)Bank Transfer(Welcome Transfer by P2P)

HSBC: 469 340350 292 Mak Hxx Yxx
Bank of China: 012 738 1 039341 9 Mak Hxx Yxx
P2P: Phone No (852)59486445

* Recipes from the bank please write down the recipient name, mobile number and shipping address*

1) After transfer the money to us, please use the following link or Whatsapp to upload Recipes from the bank.
* Do not use Facebook browser to open the link *
* Please copy the link and open the link with a new browser*

2) After uploading the recipes, you will receive a 【confirmation notice】, which means that we have already processed your order.
3) When the goods arrive at our company, you will receive the 【Notice of Pickup】or【Notice of Express Delivery】


<All orders must be paid within 24 hours otherwise the order will be canceled>

【Transaction process】
1) After transfer, please send the【receive money link】to (+852) 93444194 by Whatsapp to notify us to receive the payment
2) You will receive a【confirmation notice】, that mean we are going to handling your order
3) When the goods arrive at our company, you will receive a 【Notice of Pickup】or【Notice of Express Delivery】

If you are not sure how to using this payment method, please refer to the HSBC
PAYME website:


Accept Visa , Master, AE

Note: This shop is a type-purchasing business. The details of the goods can be found on this official website. No refunds or refunds will be made except for defective products.
This item was sent out before it was sent out.
If Kwun Tong picks up, please check the goods immediately.
The goods must be picked up within a week after arrival.
If customers choose to receive the goods for transport, please check the goods within the next day.
Otherwise, it is deemed that the goods received by the user are flawless and without defects.

If we can not provide the product, we will refunds all of the payment.