Want to find some snacks from Europe and America?We (Patano -百德隆) is an online lifestyle department store that sells quality grocery and daily necessities. We carefully select a variety of products from all over the world. In addition, a variety of payment methods are also provided. You can easily purchase your favorite products anywhere, anytime, select the appropriate delivery time, and checkout through a certified payment platform. It is simple, convenient, and secure, giving you the most intimate online shopping experience!

The advantages of online store comparing with the store:

1. No need to line up, save time and save energy
2. We will categorize foods according to the type of foods. The website provides screening functions. Customers can easily and quickly select foods that suit their own preferences and needs.
3. Can compare the brand and price in one version
4. New product delivery, we can immediately send the latest information through the email provided by the customer, customers can immediately go to web shopping
5. Online shopping has 24 hours a day, 365 days a year business hours, customers can buy any thoughts of goods and services through the Internet anytime, anywhere6. Delivery-to-door service provided, saving physical strength

Our products

(Patano -百德隆) With the aim of "just choose the right one for you"

We have carefully selected a variety of high quality, organic and natural products that meet social responsibility, foods that meet religious needs, and niche products that are rare in the market.

We also welcome customers to provide advice. Your opinions are very important to us!

* First take the lead in promoting food, and later we will promote other types of products. Thank you for your support!